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Ultimate Membership Pro

The most COMPLETE Membership Plugin with dozens of features

Ultimate Membership Pro is the well known and the best WordPress Membership Plugin that allow you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your Members based on simple Free packages or Payed packages.

You can turn on your Website into a income supply by protecting your valuable content or only part of it.

Protect your: Pages, Products, Categories, any URL, Content Sections, Images, Menu, anything and set a Redirect or Replace Content Rule.

Key Features: Restrict Content, Membership Management, Private Content, Restrict Access, WooCommerce Membership, WordPress Membership, Membership Site, Paid Membership Pro, Member

GDPR Compliant ready and integrated with WordPress 4.9.6+

Ultimate Membership Pro main Features:

  • Multi-Levels
  • Unlimited Paid/Free Membership¬†Levels
  • Content Lockers protect
  • Payments Gateway:¬†PayPal,¬†Authorize.net,¬†Stripe,¬†2CheckOut,¬†BrainTree,¬†Payza,¬†Bank Transfer
  • Sell Subscriptions via¬†WooCommerce platform
  • Trial¬†Free/Paid period
  • Drip Content¬†protection
  • Restrict¬†Pages or any URL
  • Subscriptions Plan
  • MultiPayments¬†option
  • Login¬†Predefined Templates
  • Register¬†Predefined Templates
  • Menu Protection
  • 9 Email Marketing Platforms integrated
  • Visual Composer¬†Integrated
  • Keywords Restrictions
  • Social Login¬†with 7 Social Networks:Facebook,Twitter,Google,LinkedIn,Instagram,VKontakte,Tumblr
  • 5 Predefined Social Buttons Layouts
  • Double¬†Email Verification
  • Dashboard Stats
  • Unlimited¬†Registration/Profile Fields
  • Restricted Fields based on Levels
  • Redirect or Replace Content Page
  • WordPress Users Synchronize
  • Members List¬†Showcases
  • Search Option into Members List
  • Pagination settings into Members List
  • Custom Currencies
  • Coupon Codes¬†discount
  • Bulk Coupons builder
  • Customizable Email Notification Templates
  • Custom Inside¬†Content Locker
  • Special Custom Fields:Profile Image, Upload Files, Multi-Select
  • Conditional Logic¬†Register Form
  • Verify Code/Question field
  • Professional¬†Account Page¬†‚Äď Custom Content, Subscription actions (Renew,Cancel,Delete)
  • Custom Redirect Links
  • Multiple Predefined Shortcodes
  • Custom Dashboard Access
  • Taxes related on user Country
  • Country special custom field
  • BuddyPress Account Page Integration
  • WooCommerce My Account Integration
  • Download Monitor AddOn
  • WP Social Login Integration
  • Invoice¬†on Orders with custom Templates
  • List of Access Posts available for current Users
  • Individual Page¬†for each Users Account once is created
  • Pushover Notificationsfor Mobile notifications besides the regular Emails
  • User Reports available only for Admins for a better user tracking
  • Subscription Delay let you set when the Subscription will start, also.
  • Level Dynamic Price¬†‚Äď user decides the paid price between some specific limits
  • Security Login to avoid bruteforce attacks.
  • Membership Badges with custom Images.
  • WordPress workflow Restriction based on Levels/Subscriptions.
  • Filter & Search¬†options into Members Directory
  • Pagination into Members Directory
  • Predefined Templates for Public Profile Page.
  • Gravatar and BuddyPress Avatar synchronization.
  • MYCred¬†Integration for rewards points based on Subscriptions.
  • API Module for external Calls
  • Custom Account Page menu tabs
  • Predefined Templates for Public Profile Page.
  • Limit Comment submission based on assigned Subscription
  • Limit Post submission based on assigned Subscription
  • Integrated with¬†Ultimate Affiliate Pro
  • Flat&modern Design
  • Ready-to-User¬†once is installed
  • Multiple reminders Notifications
  • Provides Discount for Woo Products based on purchased Levels/Subscriptions
  • Drip content Notifications
  • Import Users&Levels via CSV file
  • Sell SubSites based on Levels/Subscriptions¬†into WP MultiSite environment

Ultimate Membership Pro with new updates provides the Complete solution for a Registration process with multiple Templates, options, and especially with All Custom Fields that you need for.

Besides the standard fields (Text,Number, TextArea) the new Special fields are:

Profile Image¬†‚ÄstDate Picker¬†‚ÄstUpload Files¬†‚ÄstDropDown¬†‚ÄstMultiSelect¬†‚ÄstCheckBoxes¬†‚ÄstRadioBox

Ultimate Membership Pro has multiple options on Level Access:

LiveTime ‚Ästusers will have a long term access without an end time. Very useful for basic Levels or Standard Levels

Limited ‚Ästusers will have a fixed time based on Days/Weeks/Months/Years before the Access will expire. The Limited period will start once the User receives the Level Access. Very useful for Trial Levels or small fee Levels

Date Rage ‚Ästusers will have access only on a certain Period of Time, no matter when is Registered. Very useful for Promotional Levels like into Holiday period.

Regular Period ‚Ästusers will have access based on regular time as Days/Weeks/Months/Years when the Access requests to be renewed. Very useful for Recurring Subscription Levels.

After Expire Level¬†‚Äď the current Level may be replaced with another Level automatically if that‚Äôs is required.

Based on Access Ultimate Membership Pro offer multiple Billing options:

OneTime ‚ÄstOne single Payment will be requested to the subscribed user

OnGoing ‚ÄstLong term Recurring Payments will be requested to the subscribed user. The Recurring period is based on ‚ÄúRegular Period‚ÄĚ set into the Access section.

Limited ‚ÄstLimited Recurring Payments will be requested to the subscribed user. Very useful for Promotional Access available for several periods.

Trial Period ‚Ästa Certain Period or a couple of Recurring Cycles can be provided as Trial for Free or a small fee.

After the Access will expire a ‚ÄúGrace Period‚ÄĚ can be set for existing customers to renew/pay the current Subscription Level

Ultimate Membership Pro can block or restrict any element/product or dedicated Page from WooCommerce and Forms or Topics from bbPress

Ultimate Membership Pro is able to:

  • Restrict access on WooCommerce Products
  • Restrict access on WooCommerce Category Products using¬†URL Blocks¬†module
  • Restrict access on Shop, Cart or other Pages from WooCommerce
  • Restrict access on Forms from bbPress
  • Restrict access on Topics from bbPress
  • Restrict access on any¬†Custom Post Type¬†from WP Website

Ultimate Membership Pro synchronize the Membership Users with ALL WordPress Users with different types. Users from other Platforms or scripts, like WooCommerce, bbPress or BuddyPress can be managed to have restrict Access based on their assigned Level.

The Users can register and login using any Form provided by Membership Pro or other scripts.

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Ultimate Membership Pro v11.8
Ultimate Membership Pro v11.8

Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $2.99.

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